Director, Futurecurve

Cindy is the Founder and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for Futurecurve, a specialist consultancy working with companies of all sizes to grow their businesses based on genuine customer value. She has worked extensively in Ireland, both directly and in collaboration with Enterprise Ireland, helping SME businesses to focus on profit and growth through value-based approaches.

Cindy has had an eclectic career. For a number of years she led service development, sales & marketing for Capgemini, having originally joined as a manufacturing consultant.  She began her career in engineering, running large-scale unionised factories for Smiths Industries. She also led R&D for Panavision where she developed a leading-edge technical product range which is still their most profitable range to date.

Cindy holds an MBA and has qualifications in engineering, physics, operations management and psychology. She is co-author of the best-selling business book ‘Creating and Delivering your Value Proposition’.

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