Kellett Oldcastle Ltd

Thosh Kellett began his business journey when he joined the family business Kellett Oldcastle Ltd in 1969. The introduction of Thosh to the Kellett business saw the reduction in time spent focusing on furniture with a strategic move to focus solely on the mattress production and in 1981 the company turned over its first million Irish punts.  The company overcame a huge blow in 2000 when a fire took out the manufacturing plant. A remarkable 4 days later the company produced their first bed after the fire. In 2001 Respa beds opened its doors. Thosh was one of twenty-four finalists in the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year awards in 2004. 2017 will see the Kellett family celebrating 70 years in business. Thosh’s story is one which empowers others and illustrates that something so drastic and damaging can be overcome and the success story can continue.