Tell a great story and watch your business grow

The importance of telling your story well is one of the key messages two leading entrepreneurs will be bringing to The Xchange mentoring and networking event at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Rosses Point, Sligo, on October 5th and 6th.

Grainne Kelly of BubbleBum, the inflatable car booster seat company, and Emma Coogan of Articulate Now, which provides clients with coaching on clear, confident speaking and presenting skills, will discuss the business of getting your story and message across.

Grainne Kelly is the CEO and inventor of Bubblebum UK Ltd, manufacturer of the world’s first inflatable car booster seat. Founded in December 2009, Bubblebum now exports to 27 countries and is stocked by major retailers including Walmart, Aldi, Amazon, Lidl and Tesco.

“I have two key messages,” Grainne says. “First, tell your story. If you just say, ‘I have an inflatable car seat’, you’re gone. You won’t be memorable unless you tell your story. Say who you are, how and why you came up with the idea and what you did to make it happen.”

“The second is your message. You have to be able to say what you do in one sentence. You lose their attention after the first sentence.”

Of course, how you deliver your story or message is of critical importance and that is where Emma Coogan of Articulate Now comes in. Emma initially worked with clients on their speaking and presenting skills through her school of speech and drama before founding Articulate Now due to the increasing demand from businesses and individuals.

Emma will be stressing the importance of energy, tone, pace and simplicity to Xchange participants. “When we have that nice, relaxed positive energy, people pick up on that and it helps people to make a connection with us and what we’re saying. When people make that connection with us, then they trust us and they are happy or feel more confident in working with us,” she says.

“One thing that’s very important is to consider the tone of your voice. Trying to match the tone of your voice to your message, to the meaning of what you’re saying, so that there is that link, that connection, between what you say and how you say it.”